2018 Digital Geekaship students

Bittersweet moments at Digital Geekaship Academy this week!

We welcome our new first time online Software Development Basics students from all over Africa. It is also the last week for students who started in February attending classes at our campus.

Part of our classroom students was a 63 year old retired journalist. Yep you got that right, so it is never too late to learn new skills. This also presented a great learning experience at Digital Geekaship where there is a majority of the millennial generation.


As promised, free seats to study Software Development Basics Online course were awarded to 3 lucky attendees to Webinars we hosted in April 2018. The winners are from 3 different countries, namely Mozambique, Botswana and Kenya (see images below).



Due to the limited free seats unfortunately other people who were interested could not study with us because of financial constraints. If you would like to be part of our vision in skilling up Africa you can sponsor a student.

For any questions please email us at or call/WhatsApp Mary on +27 71 111 4091

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