Career in Technology for your Child

There is no doubt in saying the Digital Era is taking over!

Skill demand exceeds the supply

That is also because of the everyday changes and developments that happen with it.  There is a huge trend toward a higher demand in industry for computer programmers and engineers. There is a significant shortage of that skill today. So at Digital Geekaship the vision of our programme is aimed at increasing a skilled software development workforce in Africa to deliver high quality projects that match global standards. We’re also passionate about bringing software development projects back to Africa to create opportunities for our talented tech community, increasing work prospects and innovation for Africa.

Career Junction has also reported that Software Development has been and remains to be the most sought after skill set. The hiring activity for software developers has increased by 35% throughout the years.

Long term development

The tech sector is one that develops with its people all the time. So one will always develop and not be left backwards,  because as different tools are changing and developing, you are also required to learn and understand them to be able to utilise them. One becomes a life long learner, as it is not a stagnant sector, there are improvements everyday if not every hour.

Knowledge and Skills

Unlike in other sectors, the tech sector you get the opportunity to have knowledge of the theory and acquire the relevant skills that’s needed in your job. You learn how to do something while putting that into practice and mastering the skill. It becomes easier when compiling a resume.

Dedication when solving complex problems

As a parent or guardian you can only encourage and not pressurise your child to pursue a career in Technology. Just like most career choices, one needs to be passionate about it and must be someone who puts in the time. Most careers in tech need one to dedicate their time as there are complex problems that come with the jobs.

It is also advised you support and encourage your children if they want to pursue careers in technology because, there is job security, stability, long term learning and development, ability to change and enhance other people’s lives, great salary packages and many more other advantages like in any other sectors that have been ranked high through out the years.

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