Edutech Africa 2018

EduTech Africa 2018


Edutech Africa has been hosted for educators, educational influencers and government for the 4th year now. This year it took place between 09 – 10 October 2018. It has by far become the largest and most influential EduTech conference and exhibition in Africa. People from different African countries like Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Kenya. There were even representation from the UK and Saudi Arabia.

Digital Geekaship took part at the event to understand further what other challenges are prevalent in the continent, apart from the skills gap Digital Geekaship is trying to close. Two staff members attended the 2 days conference as delegates. The Founder, Tania Van Wyk de Vries were also part of the speakers on the second day, presenting on Massive Open Online Courses being the backbone of Edutech. Watch the presentation here.

It was an insightful event, with discussions and presentations on ways to transform the education system in South Africa, taking it to the next level by responding to the changes and advancements technology is bringing everyday from primary school – to tertiary education. It also presented an opportunity to have a look at the education system in South Africa in comparison to those of other countries in other parts of Africa and globally.

Giving educators an idea of what is available at their disposal and how they can change the way they teach the present and future generations, because how they teach today needs to be different to how they taught in the past.  

Examples of some of the challenges raised amongst many others were:

  • The unwillingness of teachers to change their methods of offering lessons to students.
  • The tools that the government has provided to schools with minimum to no training for the educators.
  • High level of anxiety cases amongst students, causing them to drop out of schools, colleges and universities.
  • The slow turn around time of government to approve new curriculums.

The event does not give all the answers, but creates a great platform for all stakeholders in the education sector to discuss and explore what measures and tools can be used to enhance the quality of education system as a whole. From public to private, Early childhood learning to tertiary education.

Sam Rawjee, the Dean of O school mentioned that there’s a need to teach skills that robots won’t be able to emulate in the near future, and that is something to start looking at from today! Do you know what those skills are?

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