Ekasi Tech Festival and Gaming Expo

Ekasi Tech Festival and Gaming Expo

Digital Geekaship has been actively taking part in tech events that aim to enhance the awareness of the growth and changes that Technology is bringing in the education sector and also in our lives. From Edutech Africa that took place in Sandton to Ekasi Tech Festival and Gaming Expo in Soweto.

Ekasi Tech Festival and Gaming Expo, was hosted in Soweto a township in the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan. It was held between 18 to 20 October 2018 at Dlamini Multipurpose Center.

The topics were so relevant, because they spoke to the realities of the townships and also did not create any limitations. One of the panelists from the first session of the day mentioned  that events that are supposed to benefit people living in the township need to be hosted in areas of their convenience. That’s one of the most important thing mentioned. It broadens the mindsets of people in townships on what opportunities technology brings to them even with the limited resources that are available to their disposal.

Ekasi Tech Festival and Gaming Expo did exactly that. Its objectives were to:

  • Bridge the digital divide and enable the township communities to participate within the 4th industrial revolution;
  • Expose youth and entrepreneurs to the latest developments in technology;
  • To harness the power of diverse thinking by unlocking the potential of township innovation;
  • Revitalise the township economy through technology;
  • Bring awareness of what skills are needed to have a career in technology; and
  • Curve the rising rate of unemployment among the youth in the township

This great initiative is one that Digital Geekaship saw fit to take part in, because in our quest to skill up Africa we will also need to understand what young people everywhere know, if they want to take the opportunity we are offering and if we could assist these young people, what would be the challenges be that we would likely come across.

On day 1 of the festival and expo, Tania Van Wyk de Vries, the Founder of Digital Geekaship was part of the panelist of 3 that discussed the topic Shaping the Future of Education”. She mentions some of the soft skills that someone who wants to be in the technology space needs to acquire or improve on. The panel also spoke about the opportunities technology and their institutions are bringing. Click here to watch more of the discussion video.  

Some companies have dissolved the requirements of degrees, or brand association, they now concentrate more on what individuals are capable of doing and train or help one to excel in that. This is mostly because education is still offered in the same manner as it has always been from many years ago, but it’s purpose is to prepare the people of the future. Our programme aims to increase a skilled software development workforce in Africa to deliver high quality projects that match global standards, and in doing that we do not intend to offer education like it has always been, read on what our previous students had to say about our courses here: Meet our students.

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