Our Vision


Our programme is aimed at increasing a skilled software development workforce in Africa to deliver high quality projects that match global standards. We’re also passionate about bringing software development projects back to Africa to create opportunities for our talented tech community, increasing work prospects and innovating for Africa.

Group 2

What is the Skill Up Africa Digital Geekaship programme about?


Our programme is aimed at providing young graduates or undergraduates with the potential to be awesome developers and with the opportunity to get ready to tackle the business world, either as entrepreneurs or team players.

We’ have first hand experience of the gaps that exist between the skills that graduates have after graduating from a tertiary institution and the skills that they need in a professional software development environment. These gaps often represent risks to companies fsuch as not being able to deliver, taking up time from other more senior people on the team to train-up or mentor and/or  not being fit for the role in a software development capacity.

Our programme is thus also aimed at providing our graduates with the skills that are necessary for real-world projects in companies in order for them to be ready to start and add value immediately thereby minimising any risk on the part of the employer.

We know how difficult it is for employers to get good technology skills at affordable prices in South Africa. As a result, companies often outsource development to offshore companies that have greater pools of skills at reasonable rates.

Our programme is furthermore aimed at increasing the sourcing pool of good technology skills locally in Africa and giving companies the opportunity to grow and embrace new prospects more effectively than is currently possible.

The programme is also aimed at stimulating local economies in Africa by bringing new business opportunities to our continent and by providing a skilled workforce that delivers on software development projects at the right standard.

The programme provides a mix of agile delivery practices, languages and technical coding and practices, structured to run in weekly intervals. Each week’s topic is presented by an Infoware Guru or Ninja as we refer to them and our interns are then given practical assessments to complete − and to pass − each week.

During the programme, our interns are exposed to actual projects, enabling them to gain tangible work experience as part of the programme that becomes part of their portfolio.