Our super cool and dedicated Digital Geekaship mentors. They will be the ones offering lectures for the short courses. All different in character but are passionate about software development. They will help you become a Hot shot developer, guaranteed that you put in the hard work and are committed to the course.

Gladstone Simelane


Gladstone is a Digital Geekaship Graduate and currently a Junior Software Engineer at Infoware Studios. While at DG he was inspired to learn more and has created a number of applications in a small period of time.He will be mentoring the C – Sharp basics and intermediate level.

Sean Matabire


Sean has been working as a Software Engineer at Infoware Studios for 3 year. He’s been coding for 6 years, with his current main language being Java, it used to be C- sharp and he’s done most of the programming languages. He will be mentoring Node.js, AngularJS and other modules.

Johannes Kekae


Johannes is a Software Engineer at Infoware Studios. Joined the company in 2016. He also joined the Digital Geekaship programme for 3 months to up-skill himself. He will be mentoring in Java, Sprint tools, Rest framework, everything that’s in Java to build a backend.

Tania Van Wyk de Vries


Tania is the Founder and CEO of Infoware Studios and founder of Digital Geekaship. She is passionate about assisting others to succeed, committed to building a better African society. Tania has passion for software, mentoring and has more than 19 year of experience in tech. Her endless energy is channeled in making organisations a better place to live in; skilling up software developers, while building software products to solve key problems. She will be mentoring on some of the modules that will be offered.