Programme Duration & Dates

The internship is 8 – 11 months and offers free training and work experience to the graduates.

We currently do not have any dates scheduled for our next internship. If you want to get notified of our next internship start date, then please complete our contact form:

Programme Content

The programme delves into the following detail:


Digital Geekaship is a mentor-led, self-study, self-paced programme to increase the skills levels of software developers. Our interns work together as an Agile Scrum team to deliver on the content of this study programme.

The programme consists of four tracks:

  1. A technical software development track (basic, intermediate, advance) focused on software development practices and principles
  2. An agile software development track focused on the management of software delivery using Scrum
  3. A personal development track focused on the softer skills
  4. UX and UI design track focusing on the design aspects of applications

Interns can progress at each level.

Three areas are designed to emphasise learning:

  • A focus on the basics of that level from a theoretical perspective
  • A focus on practice to get the theory right through real life experience
  • A practical session led by employers

Our interns have to undergo a grading each week and at different points of the program, which they must pass before they can move on. The gradings are the practical assessments for each track in the Digital Geekaship Programme and are available to the employers to enable them to track the progress of their employees (our interns).

Technical software development track

The technical skill-up is done in the language of choice indicated by the employers: C#, Java, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript etc.

We cover the following – and more:

  • The fundamentals of a Linux server environment
  • Distributed version control software
  • Cloud-based server development
  • Modern responsive web development using JavaScript and HTML5
  • Server side application and API development, including REST services
  • SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Test-driven development and refactoring
  • Continuous integration and delivery

Employers can also request additional modules to be covered should they require a specific skill to be learned by our interns.

Agile software development track

The agile skill-up track is focused on iterative delivery using the Scrum framework and coverage of the Agile manifesto and practices, principles and values shared across all Agile frameworks and methodologies.

We cover the following − and more:

  • Introduction to Agile
  • Introduction to Scrum
  • Working with a product backlog
  • Working with sprints
  • Jira Basics
  • Agile requirements and user stories
  • Estimating the Agile way
  • Continuous improvement with Agile
  • Being a Scrum Master