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Why consider a career as a software geek?


Software developers are the artist’s, sculptures and engineers of the technology space. You get to participate in the creation of great solutions and innovations and as you compile your code, you see the result of it instantly. Nothing more thrilling than that. Instant gratification, that is forsure. The Schools Who Code program is aimed to involved the different schools in coding from an early age, to revitalise the interest in software engineering or crafts(wo)manship.



People with a passion to create and a passion for technology.

This is open to all grade 8 – 12 students.

Hang out with other peers in the industry with similar interests.


Coding Holiday Program

Introduction to Web Development. At the end of it, you will have your first small website up and running and have idea of the basics of development.




April Holidays

4, 5 April 2017 OR

11, 12 April 2017 OR

25, 26 April 2017 OR


June / July Holidays

1, 2 Jul 2017 OR

5, 6 Aug 2017 OR

2, 3 Sep 2017 OR

7, 8 Oct 2017



Midrand or JoziHub.



First 50 people that register get the early bird price of R729.

R899 for 2 full days. Included in this cost is lunch, snacks, tutors / mentors who is experienced software developers and venue.


Seats are limited to 50 per allocated slot. First come, first serve.


For more information email: