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Jonathan Katzenellenbogen

Jonathan Katzenellenbogen

Course Studied: Java Software Development Basics

Enrolled in: February 2018

I liked the idea of having personal contact with mentors, rather than doing a purely online course with no such opportunity. For most of the course I went to the Infoware Offices (where the mentors work for most of their days) for about 5 hours a day. This was enormously helpful in providing a disciplined work environment and allowing for easy contact with mentors. The contact with mentors and continual personal supervision was of tremendous value. They offered explanations and great encouragement at crucial times during the course. The mentors made great efforts to meet with me to discuss course content. If they could not meet me immediately, we sometimes made arrangements to speak online. One occasion we spoke at length over a weekend. I thought there would be more written explanations, rather than an overwhelmingly problem set approach. Upon reflection, I think it was a good approach and one which made one push harder toward reaching solutions. I was greatly impressed by the endless encouragement from the two mentors, Gladstone Simelane and Johannes Kekae. Tania van Wyk de Vries, also gave me her time, and closely monitored my progress. All in all a very worthwhile experience It was a great challenge, but also a tremendous experience. I wish I had done it years earlier.